Acting Reel



The Secret Game


Created by Raaw Horan

Directed by Raaw Horan

Movie Factory Productions

The Browsing Effect


Created by Michael K. Feinstein

Directed by Michael K. Feinstein

Gravitas Ventures 

Sex and The Future


Created by Ethan Zvi Kaplan

Directed by Luis Carlos Huek

Don Kap Productions



Created by Diego Vicentini

Directed by Diego Vicentini

Wear a Hat Productions


The First Wives Club


Created by Tracy Oliver

Directed Jamie Babbit

Paramount Television BET+

Sangre Negra 

"Miguel Santos"

Created by Anthonio McKay

Directed by Frank Pinnock

Knoccout Productions

American Woman

"Pool Boy"

Created by John Riggi

Directed by Alex Hardcastle

Paramount Network



Created by Chuck Lorre

Directed by James Widdoes



Anthony  Meindl's Workshop

Cold Reading, How to be in the Now, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3

Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts

The Art of Thinking

The 4 Databases of Information

Upright Citizens Brigade

101 Improv Basics

by Jessica Elaina Eason

Graham Shiels 


Professional On-Camera and Scene Study Acting Classes