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Signed with two more

talent agencies

I just signed with two more talent agencies. I signed with TMG based in Murray, Utah. I also signed with TNG based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am really excited to be working with these two agencies. They are representing me for modeling and acting. 

Was brought back to Recur

as " Jesús "

Around November 2020, The First Wives Club production team and BET contacted my agents about my availability. I was surprised and blessed when I received the news about returning to the show to recur few episodes. During filming, everyone was so welcoming, loving, kind, and even though we filmed during Covid, we managed to stay safe and follow all protocols.

Booked a role in a Hallmark Christmas Movie

I was blessed to find work in the middle of the Pandemic of 2020. I had such a great opportunity working in North Carolina amongst talented actors and crew. 

Booked a Regional Commercial for the Presidential Elections

I had such a wonderful time shooting a Regional Commercial for the 2020 Presidential Elections. It was filmed in Atlanta, GA during the Pandemic. It was a safe experience and a blessing to be part of it.

Played Jesús on BET+

"The First Wives Club"

I had such a great experience filming among talented actors and crew in Manhattan, NY. It was a dream come true to play this character and be able to experience such a magical set.

Met Academy Award winner "Kathy Bates" on set.

I booked my first live audience role for "Disjointed". While I was on set, I sat with all the lead talent and Kathy Bates was among them. I remembered she was the first person to come up to me and introduce herself. "Hi, I'm Kathy" We talked, laughed and got to chat a little.

Booked a role for Emmy Winning Show "Will & Grace"

When my manager called  to let me know I booked the role, I was in shock. I couldn't believe I was going to be acting with TV legends. They were the nicest people on set. Everyone introduced themselves to me and made me part of their family. I was beyond blessed.


Angel Garet


        I am a simple, humble and genuine person who chooses to be happy and tries to make others happy. I love meeting new people with different backgrounds and cultures. I was raised to treat others with kindness and respect. I learned to speak the universal and world language of LOVE.​

        I have a sincere passion for living my dreams. I practice abundance, the Law of Attraction, and I manifest everything I envision in my mind. I strongly believe that if another human has done something worthy of doing, then any of us can do it too. 

        I believe that we all have the ability to shine light into the darkness. I want to do my part to promote understanding, love, Peace, and companionship. We should all try to create Heaven on earth. 

        As you can see, I have a passion for telling stories through my art and creativity, so I can impact others in order to awaken and reach some level of enlightenment. 


For many years, I've had the chance to meet, train and work with wonderful, talented and amazing human beings. Because of them, I continue to grow mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and artistically. I am forever grateful for everyone I've bumped into on this beautiful journey and I can not wait to continue meeting  beautiful souls on my path.


I had the pleasure to train Angel at the Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts. Some of the most beautiful and truthful moments that I have witnessed as an acting coach come from this wonderful actor. He has shown commitment and dedication to his craft. I am not surprised by all the success that He has accomplished in Hollywood. I am very excited to see what the entertainment industry unfolds for this star.


Angel’s whip-smart. He has a lightning wit. It’s not fair someone so good-looking is ALSO so funny. But he is The Latin Tom Cruise. As an audition coach and acting teacher working with Angel on a vast array of material from varied genres I have witnessed a broad scope of his range: from subtle and vulnerable drama to kids' multi-cam sitcoms. Angel excels in all. Always surprising, unpredictable, entertaining. But more than his talent and dexterity in his acting is his pure positivity as a man and friend. A blessing to be around, Angel adds light and levity to any party he’s a part of!  Graham Shiels Studios


Terrance Hines

Our young Antonio Banderas/Ricardo Montalban. Angel Garet, This artist has a wonderful sense of humor and is devoted to his craft. We love having him in The Hines and Hunt family. He is passionate and works hard everyday on physical and emotional instruments necessary for success. The handsome man you see is as charming and generous inside as well as out. He simply loves people and wakes up every day just wanting to perform. He is the kind of artist that everyone wants to represent. How lucky are we?


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